Blaire and Rush. Fallen Too Far

Blaire Finlay is Rush Finlays wife and the main character in the Fallen Too Far Trilogy. Blaire is twenty years old and has a son named Nate.

Fallen Too FarEdit

When Blaire's mother dies she has to sell verything to pay off medical bills, even her house. WHe nshe moves to Rosemary, Florida to find her dad, she soon finds out taht her dad re-married and that his new wife Georgiana has a son and that they are on a trip to Paris. When Blaire and Rush first meet they can't help the growing attraction they both feel. 

When Rush offers Blaire the tiny room that is in his pantry with no money an d no gas for her truck Blaire agrees to move in until she can find a job. Ehrn blaire gets a job at Kerrington country club shee meets Woods her boss and they hit it off. Rush invites Blaire to a party and wearing her best clothes somebody makes fun of her and she leaves the party.When Rush finds out that all Blaire has been eating in peaunt butter sandwiches, Rush has her move into one of the upstairs bedroom so that she can eat some of his food. Blaire and her new friend Bethy go Honk Tonking and Blaire and Rush almost have sex. WHen Rush keeps apoligizing for his sister Nan being mean she goes to bed that night without Rush.  few days later they have sex and they start their relationship.

at the end of the book Blaire finds out that Nan is her sister and Rush ahs been hiding it from her and she goes back to her hometown in Alabama.

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